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Deskshare My Screen Recorder Pro 5.0

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Deskshare My Screen Recorder Pro 5.0

Gửi bàigửi bởi khongbietlamweb » 22 Tháng 9 2017, 20:06

Deskshare My Screen Recorder Pro 5.0

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My Screen Recorder Pro is a professional video screen capture software that lets you capture your PC screen activity to many popular video formats. Any application that runs on your Windows PC can be recorded including the audio. With a PC microphone, add your own audio narration as you demonstrate how to use a web site or explain a product concept.

My Screen Recorder Pro provides the ability to output your screen recordings to AVI, WMV, Flash, and MP4 formats. When recording your PC activity to WMV format, play back the video on any Windows PC, which make distribution simple. You can even create Flash files that are designed to be played on a website and presented to large audiences over the Internet.

Do you want to distribute your recorded presentation on CD or DVD? You can create self playing video executables from your screen recordings. Combine multiple recordings into a single self playing package for easy CD and DVD distribution.

Now you can easily make training videos, screencasts and presentations by recording your screen, PowerPoint, and webcam video. Publish to AVI, WMV, Flash, EXE and MPEG4. My Screen Recorder Pro is easy to use and provides high quality playback with many distribution options.

Features at a Glance:

Screen Capture
- Record what happens on your PC screen to AVI, WMV, Flash, EXE, or MP4 formats
- Capture the full PC screen, an application window or a custom region of your PC screen
- Create time-lapse screencasting
- Record any monitor screen from a multi-monitor system
- Balance size and quality by fine tuning frame rate, audio quality, compressors and more

Visual Effects
- Highlight mouse movements and mouse clicks to help viewers follow the action
- Draw on the screen with different colors to highlight and grab attention, as you record
- Stamp your screen recordings with system time and text captions
- Custom cursor icon can be recorded for mouse cursor movements

- Schedule recordings to automatically start and stop at a specified time
- Script and integrate My Screen Recorder Pro using its command line interface
- Automatically launch and record a particular URL at a specific time

Advanced Editing Tools
- Cut and save portions of your recording with the Split tool
- Join multiple screen recordings into a single file

Publish and Distribute
- Auto-publish recordings to YouTube or any FTP account
- Generate and distribute self-contained and self-playable executables
- Create HTML pages for your web site with embedded screen recordings
- Convert your recordings to a video executable with password protection
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