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"Oxford Pocket Dictionary Latest eB"

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"Oxford Pocket Dictionary Latest eB"

Gửi bàigửi bởi Nửa bốn mùa » 28 Tháng 4 2010, 08:34

"Oxford Pocket Dictionary Latest eB"

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Oxford Pocket Dictionary Latest eB | 6.09 MB

About the Pocket Oxford Dictionary

The Pocket Oxford Dictionary program gives you instant access to an invaluable reference book directly from


In addition to all the techniques you would use with a printed book (looking up a word, browsing, etc.) it enables
you to carry out in seconds searches that would be impossible using the printed edition. You can use it to:
· search the text of the dictionary
· widen the scope of a search using wildcards
· follow cross-references instantly from section to section
· place bookmarks
· copy text from the dictionary into your document.
The dictionary has two main alphabetical sections, one containing the full text of the entries, the other an index of
the dictionary keywords. There is also a list of abbreviations and a detailed description of the structure of the

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