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Nero Multimedia Suite 11.2.00400 Full Repack + Toolkit + Cre

Phần mềm ghi dĩa CD / VCD / DVD

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Nero Multimedia Suite 11.2.00400 Full Repack + Toolkit + Cre

Gửi bàigửi bởi anchang » 02 Tháng 3 2012, 10:45

Nero Multimedia Suite 11.2.00400 Full Repack + Toolkit + Creative Collections Pack 11

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Nero Multimedia Suite 11.2.00400 Full Repack + Toolkit + Creative Collections Pack 11 | 1.17 GB

Nero 11 allows a new way to create and share with others photos, music and video. You get to really present a means, which includes the function of simple and advanced video editing, video conversion Innovative technology for watching movies on any device, and the ability to burn and backup copy to please all your needs for working with digital content.

Orignal Provider -->

The integrated Nero MediaBrowser
Thanks to one hundred percent new Nero MediaBrowser can easily start working on at least some project. In most projects, you can one-touch access to a library of music, photos and video. Your job will be easy and convenient, for now, just drag your photo files, video and music from the Nero Kwik Media Library to your project.

Convert and compress DVD-Video *, or video
Whether it's video, shot on your mobile phone, or DVD-movie, each device needs its format playback. 11 Nero provides advanced video transcoding, which can convert almost any DVD-even a movie or video in at least some video format for playback on any device, so you can easily watch their favorite videos virtually anywhere.

Import projects Windows Live Movie Maker ™
Import and edit projects Windows Live Movie Maker directly to Nero 11. Open video files Open Windows Live Movie Maker and then begin to refine the original design, adding a modern effects to obtain Professor of results. Thanks to the advanced editing features you can add your videos professional touches.

Normal and enhanced mode video editing
Get great results, regardless of their experience of video editing. You can easily switch from Express Storyboard editing mode in the advanced editing mode and continue to work on a project in the same window. Go from the simple and easy to use templates to the effects of multi-track editing, management of key frames on a single screen video editing, effects, templates remarkable blend "Picture in Picture" and much more. Do your homework projects in stunning delight friends and family like never before.

Nero LIVEBackup
Easy to spare one-touch copying with Nero LIVEBackup to protect all your files and even your entire operating system. You can choose to spare up manually, but only Nero LIVEBackup provide continuous, reliable spare copy.

Burn multiple discs
The experts, who first implemented the technology for burning, constantly improving their decision. The exclusive application Nero SecurDisc 3.0 provides a surface with scanning legibility of the disk, regardless of scratches, age and wear, so that your content will be stored for a long time to drive safe and sound.

Copy DVD
Move movies to DVD-ROM drive directly to the PC via one-touch backup. Place all your DVD movies and Blu-ray * in a single media library by copying them to optical media. Advanced options allow to copy only what you need, eliminating the uselessness of the sections on the track, other languages, additional material and more.

Personality Full Repack
Full Repack
Burn Rights
Burning ROM
Cover Designer
Disc Speed
Info Tool
Kwik Media
Rescue Agent
Sound Trax
Wave Editor

In addition, if there is no installed in the system
Microsoft Visual C + + Redistributable 2005-2010
Microsoft. NET Framework 4

It is one hundred percent of the new installer
The choice of language regardless of the language system (RUS / ENG)
Resolution: h86/h64
Removed all startup page
Removed online services (Aside from Kwik Media)
Enclosing Pill (Patch iOTA on 01/11/2011)
Silent Installation:
/ S / LRUS

/ S / LENG

If adding the key, the installation will be skipped BackItUp
/ NB
If you have an assembly of Creative Collections Pack and you decide to remove one hundred percent of Nero, make sure you first need to remove the Creative Collections Pack. Otherwise, the registry is garbage on it.
The composition is added Rescue Agent

Nero 11 Cliparts
Nero 11 1 Disk Menus
Nero 11 2 Disk Menus
Nero 11 3 Disk Menus
Nero 11 Kwik Themes 1
Nero 11 Kwik Themes 2
Nero 11 3 Kwik Themes
Nero 11 Kwik Themes 4
Nero 11 Pip Effects 1
Nero Video Transitions 11 1

Silent install: / S
The package can be installed only in the case, if you have installed Nero Video (Vision). All Creative Collections Pack is part of an unusual (but not assemblies) Nero 11 Platinum HD.
Creative Collections Pack 11 can be removed from the Control Panel. If you want to remove one hundred percent of Nero, you must first remove this package after Nero.

CRC32: 3D554CD7
MD5: D4D727999340EC5F495015E56B490B4A
SHA-1: 932FCFCA481B9D0E97F84E9694EFD0E2F9D379C9

Addon Nero 11 for integration in the distribution of Windows XP SP3 means UpdatePack-XPSP3-Rus
Burning ROM
Cover Designer
Kwik Media
Sound Trax
Wave Editor

Are installing to the British version, in the file, change the RUN / LRUS on / LENG. Do not integrate other versions of MSXML4 in the distribution, not counting the one that is already in UpdatePack-XPSP3-Rus.
If you have any tweak or addon you want to change the tempo of the folder location, then make sure that this action was after you install this addon. Otherwise, errors may occur during the installation of add-on. The file names are Required, I ordered three of recommended add-on that are needed for the program. You can replace them with other similar. Ie, for Nero 11 requires:

A. Libraries, Visual C + + 2005, 2008, 2010 with latest updates (I test on a set of Lisabon)
Two. DirectX 9.0c June 2010 (Test of simplix)
Three. Framework 4 (specifically, 4, not 4.5) (test of simplix)

Can be installed on a live system (XP, Vista x86/x64, 7 x86/x64 - no difference), which was never installed Nero, do not forget about the necessary components. Or need extremely well to clean the system from the previous version

CRC32: E8E60788
MD5: 98B649FF6F55A539CCCA1D2F953389CB
SHA-1: 03194132AE486C1E47F9D64F3AE36708A99DCFCF

System requirements:
Minimum system requirements for Nero 11:
* Windows ® XP SP3 (32 bit), Windows Vista ® SP1 or higher (32 - and 64-bit), Windows ® 7 Home Premium, Professional or Ultimate (32 - and 64-bit)
* AMD or Intel ® 2 GHz
* 512 MB RAM (1 GB RAM for Windows Vista ® or Windows ® 7)
* 5 GB of free hard disk space for typical installation of all components (including templates, content, and temporary disk space)
* Graphics card with support for Microsoft ® DirectX ® 9.0 and 3D-quickening, 16-bit color and at least 128 MB of graphics memory (32-bit color True Color, 256 MB of dedicated video memory and support Shader Model 3.0)
* DVD drive for installation and play.
Recordable or rewritable drive for burning and the creation of the CD-ROM, DVD or Blu-ray.
* Windows Media ® Player 9
* Third-party components such as: Microsoft Windows ® Installer 4.5 and Microsoft. NET ® 4, Microsoft ® DirectX ® or Adobe Flash shipped with the product or the machine is loaded, if not in the package.
* For some services require an Internet connection (DSL-1000 and above). Charges for connection to the Internet with the user.

* In 64-bit operating systems, applications run in emulation mode 32-bit environment.
* To make the software work properly, the device must be correctly installed and should be recognized by the operating system.
* It is strongly recommended that you install the latest WHQL-certified device drivers.

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