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Twins Visions + Portable

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Twins Visions + Portable

Gửi bàigửi bởi Giọt nước » 04 Tháng 11 2013, 09:09

Twins Visions + Portable

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Twins Visions + Portable | 6.0/14.1 Mb

Twins Visions is an innovative 3D (three dimensional) image manager, which allows you to navigate through your collection of photos in three-dimensional world. Thus, you can browse the folders as shared collection of tiles on the screen, allowing you to easily perform cross folder actions between such as moving photos from one folder to another, comparing two folders or simply viewing photos from several folders at once.

Twins Visions is designed for that would allow you to perform all tasks in one program: view, organize, edit and share photos. Thus, you do not need different applications for each task.

The program includes: Photo Viewer (3D Showroom), Photo Editor, Album Creator, Photo Sharing

3D Showroom is the main place where you can view and manage albums and fotograyiyami. The program allows you to navigate through folders in a 3D world, run slide shows of your photos, manage albums, quickly perform the task of selecting and grouping and search for your collection.

Editing photos is now easier than ever. Using its powerful editor of Visions Photo Editor, the program allows you to fix and adjust brightness, contrast, color, etc., and also to impose and apply impressive artistic effects with a few mouse clicks. It also supports image metadata (EXIF), built-in editor allows you to modify tags recorded by your digital camera, or create their own tags.

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