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ReadyFor4GB | 1.23 Mb

ReadyFor4GB - a program that allows you to use more than 4 GB of memory in Windows 7 (x86)


It is well known that the architecture 32-bit operating systems do not allow them to use more than four gigabytes of RAM. Thus, having at least 16 gigabytes of real RAM, so the OS will use a little more than three gigabytes. Probably not everyone will remember that Windows Server 2008 32-bit has been deprived of this shortcoming, and effective use of all installed in the computer memory. And most encouraging - in Windows 7 is also possible to include such support!
Important This manual was used by the author on a personal computer running Windows 7 Ultimate. Please note that used in the manual application makes some changes in the system kernel, which in some cases may cause unpredictable consequences for the OS. Several antivirus software identifies the application as containing a threat to your computer. All responsibility for the consequences of the program risk.

The program adds a second core: ntkr128g.exe, created using the Physical Address Extension.

1) Start ReadyFor4GB.exe
2) Click the Check, then the button Apply.
3) Click on Yes (Yes) for Patching \ \ "ntkrnlpa.exe \ \"
4) Press the OK button to confirm the location to save the file \ \ "ntkr128g.exe \ \"
5) Close the window ReadyFor4GB.
6) Right-click on the file \ \ "AddBootMenu.cmd \ \" and select \ \ "Run as administrator \ \"
7) Press the \ \ "Y \ \" to confirm or press \ \ "Q \ \" to exit and press Enter.
Wait until the end of the script and close the program.
9) Right-click on the file \ \ "RemoveWatermarkX86.exe \ \" and select \ \ "Run as administrator \ \"
10) Press the \ \ "Y \ \" to confirm.
Backup \ \ "user32.dll.mui \ \" will be saved as \ Windows \ System32 \ en-US \ user32.dll.mui.backup.
String \ \ "en-US \ \" depends on the language of your system.
11) Wait for the patch and restart the computer.
12) The computer restarts, will show Download Manager Windows (Windows Boot Manager) and loads the Microsoft Windows [128GB with ntkr128g.exe]

If "\ \" test mode \ \ "after the restart left on your desktop, then you need to rebuild the cache MUI. To do this:

13) Right-click on the file \ \ "RemoveWatermarkX86.exe \ \" and select \ \ "Run as administrator \ \"
14) Press the \ \ "R \ \" to confirm.
15) Wait for the restructuring of the cache, and then restart the computer.

Note: Files required to run as administrator, and only in the operating system Windows 7 x86 (32-Bit).

OS: Windows 7
Language: English
License: Free
Size: 1.23 Mb

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