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VB Decompiler Pro v7.9 Retail

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VB Decompiler Pro v7.9 Retail

Gửi bàigửi bởi Nửa bốn mùa » 06 Tháng 5 2010, 09:50

VB Decompiler Pro v7.9 Retail

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VB Decompiler is decompiler for programs (EXE, DLL or OCX) written in Visual Basic 5.0 and 6.0 and disassembler for programs written on .NET technology. As you know, programs in Visual Basic can be compiled into interpreted p-code or into native code. .NET assembly always compiled to just in time compilable IL code. Since p-code consists of high-level commands, there is a real possibility to decompile it into the source code (of course, the names of variables and some functions will not be decompiled). VB Decompiler restores source code from p-code as much as possible precisely. And after some modifications you may try to compile generated code.

If a program was compiled into the native code, restoring full source code from machine instructions is not possible. But VB decompiler can help to analyze the program even in this situation as well. It contains a powerful disassembler and emulator. This powerfull engine try to decode most assembler instructions to most likely VB commands. Of course, it fails on some optimizations of assembler code and sometimes generate not correct instructions. But at this time this is a best way to analyze native code applications.

» Universal unpacking for packed applications (supported UPX, NSPack and more other popular EXE packers)
» Decompiling forms (frm and frx) and usercontrols (ctl) object files
» Fully p-code decompiling (with parsing opcodes to standart vb instructions, with decompile GUID objects)
» 2 p-code decompiling modes (with stack parsing or without stack parsing)
» Disassembling native code procedures
» Disassembling native code procedures with String References and API Calls
» Partially decompiling native code (using code emulation engine)
» Syntax coloring in decompiled code
» String reference list and search engine
» Fast decompiling speed
» Obfuscator for VB5/6 programs
» Patcher for VB5/6 programs
» Save decompiled data to single DB file
» Disassembling .NET programs
» Save procedures list to MAP file, IDC script or to HIEW Names file
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