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Woodworker's Journal Home Projects (Books in a CD)

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Woodworker's Journal Home Projects (Books in a CD)

Gửi bàigửi bởi Giọt nước » 18 Tháng 5 2010, 09:01

Woodworker's Journal Home Projects (Books in a CD)

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Own a home? Live in a home? Have friends that have homes? Chances are, you've built something for one of these places, or at least wanted to (or were supposed to...). To help you out, we've compiled a bunch of great plans for projects around the home onto one CD.

Whether you're looking to update your kitchen or bath or enhance your storage, there's something for you among the 30 great home projects on this fully searchable CD.

Projects included on this CD:

Oriental Redwood Arbor
Gardener's Workstation
Portable Outdoor Chairs
Spanish Cedar Picnic Table
Picnic Table Benches
Child's Adirondack Chair & Settee
Victorian Birdhouse
Portable Folding Bench
Modular Bench with Planter
Classic Croquet Set
Easy-To-Build Storage Cabinets
Adjustable Roll-Off Stand
Fluted-Door Wall Cabinet
Mahogany Serving Tray
Walnut Nesting Tables
Barometric Bookends
Weekend Toy Box
Hall Mirror for Beginners
Veneered Checkerboard
Classic Canister set
Arts & Crafts Style Side Table
Router Mortising Jig
Adjustable Shop Horse
Bathrrom Vanity
Classic Kitchen Island
Shop-Built Passage Door
Fireplace Mantel
Build a Bedroom Shelf
Cabinet Shell Game
Outdoor Swing & Arbor

2009 | PDF | 110 Mb
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