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Active UNDELETE 10.0.43 Professional Edition

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Active UNDELETE 10.0.43 Professional Edition

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Active UNDELETE 10.0.43 Professional Edition

Hình ảnh

Active Undelete Professional package contains a CD/DVD ISO image that you can burn to get a bootable CD, DVD to boot up dead PC. Active@ UNDELETE Enterprise package includes all features of Professional package as well as RAID and Network functions. If your system is not bootable and you cannot

attach the damaged hard disk drive to another computer, the only way to recover your data is to use Active@ Undelete Professional or Active@ Undelete Enterprise.
After booting from the CD/DVD, you will see a Windows environment (with Networking in Enterprise package). All you need to do is recover your data (copy files to a USB drive or Network drive).

Many other useful utilities are included besides undelete/data recovery application: Web Browser, File Manager (similar to Windows Explorer), Terminal Client, Partition Manager, Notepad, Task Manager, Command Prompt, Network Drive Mapper, etc…

•Latest Boot Disk Creator & burning engine (Pro & Ent versions)
•Latest Boot Disk Lite and utilities (Pro & Ent versions)
•Recover deleted files and folders
•Detect and restore deleted partitions
•Create a Disk Image for safe data restoration
•Deep disk scan and automatic data analyze
•Damaged RAID data recovery and reconstruction

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