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Avast Internet Security 9.0.2016.330

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Avast Internet Security 9.0.2016.330

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Avast Internet Security 9.0.2016.330

Hình ảnh

avast! - Is a well-known antivirus pretty high. The developers of anti-virus put into it all the knowledge about fighting viruses in order to create one of the best antivirus. This anti-virus program has combined the all the

advanced technology and techniques to get the highest level of computer protection. This product is perfect for all the operating systems Windows. Avast carefully checks for viruses memory, files, email, and other than that, he is even able to cope with a macro virus.

The main functions of avast!:
Antivirus and antispyware kernel
Protection against rootkits in real time
Base avast! Community IQ
Study methods intruders in unprotected networks
Intelligent checker avast! Intelligent Scanner
Intelligent update virus databases
Auto / game mode
"Green" Computer
Shield the file system / e-mail
Web Shield
Shield P2P/mgnovennyh posts
Network Shield
Shield of Conduct
Shield Script
Isolated environment avast! Sandbox
Automatic firewall
Key technologies:
Antivirus and antispyware kernel - Innovative scan engine provides protection from viruses, spyware and other malicious agents.
Protection against rootkits in real time - Prevents downloading hidden malware (rootkits), which is the OS the computer is invisible to other scanners.
Automatic Firewall - Blocks hackers from using heuristic and behavioral analysis, as well as the "white" list of safe applications.
Antispam - Comprehensive spam and phishing filter, which functions as a plug-in to MS Outlook and general POP3/IMAP4 proxy for other email clients.
avast! WebRep - Provides reliability ratings and reputation of web sites based on feedback from the community of users.
avast! CommunityIQ - Our technology uses a global network of sensors to transmit to us (anonymous) data on the real experiences of work in the Internet user groups avast!, Wished to write a review. This data is then used to protect all users of avast! by providing the latest information on viruses and infected websites.
Due to avast! CommunityIQ over the past 30 days, avast! identified 73,711 infected websites and protected 122,464,309 people from their visit.
High-tech features:
Scanner operating at system initialization - Scans your computer for infections before the OS will be able to activate any viruses contained in it (now supported in Windows 7 and Windows Vista).
avast! SafeZone - Opens a new (empty) desktop so that other applications are not "see" what is happening - the perfect solution to perform banking or secure ordering and purchasing of goods. After closing leaves "footprints".
AutoSandbox - Offers users to run suspicious applications in a virtual environment "sandbox".
avast! Sandbox - Provides an extra layer of protection for your PC and its applications in a virtual environment in which any attack does not go unnoticed (instead of a real PC).
Intelligent Scanner - Reduces the number of required inspection of files up to 80% using the "white" list of safe applications. Files identified as safe, is not re-scanned when they are not changed.
Mode "without notification / game" - Automatically detects full-screen applications and disables the "pop-up" windows and other notifications without compromising security.
"Green" Computer - consumes a minimum of computer resources through the effective and efficient technology.
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