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Kaspersky Internet Security Special Ferrari Edition 11.0

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Kaspersky Internet Security Special Ferrari Edition 11.0

Gửi bàigửi bởi anbachang » 23 Tháng 6 2011, 22:48

Kaspersky Internet Security Special Ferrari Edition 11.0

Hình ảnh

Kaspersky Internet Security Special Ferrari Edition - a special edition of its flagship product "Kaspersky Lab" is designed for fans of Scuderia Ferrari and all the users who want vivid and extraordinary solutions. The product has a full set of advanced technology for Internet security, and the interface is designed in two brands of corporate colors - green and red.

"Kaspersky Lab" and Ferrari have joined forces and created the Kaspersky Internet Security Special Ferrari Edition, to make sure you secure your computer and could feel himself the champion of Formula 1!
Advanced Technologies
Through a combination of new proactive and "cloud" technologies with traditional methods of detection solution "Kaspersky Lab" protects your PC from both known and of new malicious programs.
Privacy Policy
Anti-Phishing, virtual keyboard, and automatic virus definition updates ensure protection of your confidential information. Web filter to block dangerous sites
Web filter protects you from visiting Web sites that are dangerous or have unwanted content. Through regular updates, database Web Filter automatically blocks access to new undesirable sites. Disabled by default.

A new desktop gadget
Special desktop gadget in the form of a Formula 1 car can operate the basic functions of the product and keep abreast of the status of protection for your PC.
Parental Control
Flexible and effective Parental Control protects your family from the dangers on the Internet, allowing you to create your personal settings for access to a computer, software, and Internet for everyone in the family, as well as block access to certain sites with inappropriate content.
A safe environment for applications and Web sites
Mode Safe Environment allows you to run any suspicious programs and Web sites in an isolated virtual space where they can not harm the host system.
Special treatments for the most difficult of infections
Bootable CD-ROM, which is in a box, contains a set of tools for the effective treatment and recovery system in case of infection. If you have downloaded the product "Kaspersky Lab" on the Internet, you can create your own with the help of a rescue disk.

The composition of Kaspersky Internet Security Special Ferrari Edition includes unique technology to ensure optimal security for you and your family:
- Proactive protection against viruses and spyware in real time
- Web filter to block dangerous sites
- Personal two-way firewall protection against hackers
- Virtual Keyboard and Anti-Phishing for reliable protection of personal data
- Unique mode of safe environment to run suspicious programs and Web sites
- A flexible and effective parental control
- Intelligent protection system against spam and annoying banner ads
- Geo-filter to block sites by geographic domains
- Scanning of operating system and applications for vulnerabilities
- Control software to limit access to dangerous applications to system resources and the Internet
- Game profile to optimize the security settings when running games and presentations
- Emergency Repair Disk for the treatment and recovery after exposure
- Automatic check and update schedule

The advanced technology implemented in Kaspersky Internet Security Special Ferrari Edition, protect your computer against threats to modern information:
- Viruses, Trojans, worms and other malware, spyware and adware
- Rootkits, bootkits and other sophisticated threats
- Identity theft with the use of keyloggers, programs, screen captures, and phishing schemes
- Botnets and other illegal methods of capturing control of your computer
- Infection by drive-by downloads, network attacks and intrusions
- Inappropriate web content and spam
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