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Learn to speak English 9

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Learn to speak English 9

Gửi bàigửi bởi anchang » 06 Tháng 1 2008, 10:04

Learn to speak English 9

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Immerse yourself in the English language! Learn to speak, read, and write with natural confidence. Featuring two full years worth of robust, engaging curriculum, Learn to Speak English Deluxe offers a convenient, comprehensive language study solution. Whether youre planning a vacation, traveling for work, or just brushing up your skills for fun, the award-winning Learn to Speak program brings your goals within reach.

Designed by language education specialists, the Learn to Speak system is easily tailored to help you learn English on your own terms. At the heart of the Learn to Speak system is the software program, featuring 35 lessons of core curriculum and 16 Extended Practice lessons. The program offers all the benefits of a structured language course, but also provides the flexibility to accommodate your individual needs and interests. And with fully-coordinated curriculum across three platforms--the core PC program, audio lessons on CD, and a 115-page reference book with printable grammar exercises--you have the flexibility to learn wherever and whenever it suits you.

Target vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, reading, and writing skills with over 50 lessons and hundreds of exercises.
Find the ideal starting point for you with a quick but thorough diagnostic pre-test.

Customize your studies by following the general track or focus on specific topics that interest you most.
Perfect your accent with easy record and playback capabilities and an upgraded speech recognition engine that compares your pronunciation to a native speakers.
Hone your listening and speaking skills in simulated real-world interactions with native speakers.
Enrich your studies with fascinating cultural movies exploring the sights and sounds of popular US cities.

Break up your lessons with a selection of refreshing games and puzzles.
Use the Talking Dictionary to easily access translations and pronunciations.
And when youre away from your PC, the PDA dictionary puts more than 15,000 translations at your fingertips. You dont need to spend months in a classroom to master the English language! Achieve the fluency you desire quickly and conveniently with the effective and entertaining Learn to Speak Deluxe program. For business, for travel, or just for fun, its the language learning system that gets results fast

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