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TranslateIt! 8.0 build 9

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TranslateIt! 8.0 build 9

Gửi bàigửi bởi Giọt nước » 07 Tháng 9 2010, 11:06

TranslateIt! 8.0 build 9

Hình ảnh

TranslateIt! is a contextual English-Russian, Russian-English and German-Russian dictionary, which will work in any Windows application. TranslateIt! will transfer word during the simple guidance of mouse pointer in any application, be it browser or text editor.

The program can work both in the regime of the contextual dictionary, when transfer is obtained by the method of guidance or isolation of the necessary word and in the regime of English-Russian and Russian-English electronic dictionary.

The operating principle in this regime is based on the unique technology "One touch capture", whose sense consists in the transfer of word by the simple guidance to it of mouse pointer.

Now, if you meet in the English text unknown word, you should be distracted from reading and search for the transfer in the dictionary, it is not necessary to copy word into the buffer of exchange and to put in another window. Simply bring the indicator of mouse to the unknown word and you will instantly obtain transfer.

TranslateIt! can translate words not only in Internet Explorer and Outlook Express but also in Opera and Firefox browsers, MS Word text processor and ICQ instant messenger. TranslateIt! will translate control labels, menu items, pop-up dialogs and message boxes in any Windows application.

When reading a web site, just scroll over text to translate words. Alternatively, the highlight function can be used to translate expressions, verbs, or phrases. Even words not appearing in the software's technology can be broken down into smaller components and translated in this manner so users always receive a response.

The improved technology also provides more accurate definitions than what most users find with alternative translation methods. TranslateIt! currently works with English, Spanish, German, and Russian. The program automatically determines the language of the word so users don't have to. Also, German and English are spoken by native speakers to ensure correct pronunciation of the words.

Here are some key features of "TranslateIt!":

· Translate any word by simply moving a cursor over the word
· Translate form German, Spanish, Russian and English
· Translate phrases
· Function "reverse translation"
· Function "find similar words"

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