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TxtReaderXpress 3.0.3836.37625

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TxtReaderXpress 3.0.3836.37625

Gửi bàigửi bởi Giọt nước » 11 Tháng 7 2010, 08:12

TxtReaderXpress 3.0.3836.37625
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The TxtReaderXpress software can convert any text to audio. As it speaks, it can
highlight the spoken words or sentences. With speech recognition, you can practice
and learn foreign languages.

Listen to anything you need to read with TxtReaderXpress Text To Speech ( TTS )
software with dictionary and speech recognition (you dictate the text to computer and
it types ).

This app uses Google Dictionary and Google Translate Services to give you accurate
and multiple translations.

Type & Speak. This app allows your computer quickly speaks out the text which you
typed with your keyboard.

This app supports high quality voices. With Build-in web browser, you can view any
web news in the Internet, and have the computer to read any part of the news,
charting messages, and emails.The app can read word documents, rich text files, and
XPS files. Give TxtReaderXpress a try to fully assess its capabilities!

Here are some key features of "TxtReaderXpress":

· Includes an advanced document and selection reader with play, pause, stop functions. As it speaks, it can highlight the spoken words or sentences. Use it to listen to Text, XPS, HTML, WEB PAGE, PDF and RTF documents.
· Can speak as you type in speaking each letter and/or word as it is typed.
· Design for people who lost them voice.
· Easy to use and less configuration.
· Folder manager to list the supported file.
· Multi tab page display.
· Read text to sound or save as wave audio file format.
· Shortcut Key feature.
· Bookmark feature for text document.
· Build-in Web Browser, Pdf Browser, XPS Browser, RTF Text Editor
· Quick word dictionary. word translation. Assist you in learning.

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