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Word Magic Suite Premier 5.6 | 271 MB

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Word Magic Suite Premier 5.6 | 271 MB

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Word Magic Suite Premier 5.6 | 271 MB

Hình ảnh

Paramount, hand-picked bundle of ‘the best of the best.’ All premium translation products in a single streamlined package designed to tackle any type of need and help any type of user

A Translator with Interactive capabilities, a Professional Dictionary, Visual and Voiced Aids to help in the selection of the best output and to save you time and effort, a Pop-Up consultation tool, a Dictionary Plug-in for Microsoft® Office and three of our superior technical compendiums. Just slide behind the wheel and smell the leather...

It Includes:

* Translator Professional Plus
* Dictionary & Tools Professional Redesigned
* Complete Add-ons Pack
* Dictionary & Tools for Microsoft® Office Improved
* Point & Click Dictionary Improved
* Three Technical Dictionaries:
o Law
o Business & Finance
o Information Technology

Important Note:
If you have Windows XP Home Edition or any version of Windows 2000, please click here to download Windows SAPI files in order for the Voice Recognition Add-On to work properly on your computer.

$999.00 USD

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