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Ahead Nero

Phần mềm ghi dĩa CD / VCD / DVD

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Ahead Nero

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Ahead Nero

Hình ảnh

Nero 9 is a set of the software of digital multimedia and the house center of entertainments of following generation which enjoys the greatest trust in the world. It is characterized with the advanced functionality owing to which to enjoy digital multimedia so simply.

This idle time in use, but gives you freedom to create, read out, copy, write down, to edit, share and transfer a powerful set of multimedia data in a network. What it was — music, video, a photo or data — enjoy them and share with native and close when necessary and anywhere.
Your digital component of a life still never was such free, as with simple in use by command center Nero StartSmart.

Key aspects Nero 9:
Functions of fast and easy reading, record, automatic reserve copying and simple copying
Reserve copying of files on CD, DVD and Blu-ray*
Copy, write down, share, transfer and create musical mixes, as ди-джей
Operative loading foto-and videofiles on My Nero and others the Internet-community **.
Look, write down, put on a pause and adjust alive TV Preservation of archives of films in standard HD — the highest quality provided by format AVCHD, — on hard disks, demountable USB-stores and cards of memory for what the optical drive - the NOVELTY at all is not required!

The Included appendices:
1. Nero StartSmart
2. Nero ShowTime
3. Nero Live
4. Nero Live Gadget
5. Nero DiscCopy Gadget
6. Nero WaveEditor
7. Nero SoundTrax
8. Nero Recode
9. Nero PhotoSnap
10. Nero PhotoSnap Viewer
11. Nero Burning ROM
12. Nero Express
13. Nero CoverDesigner
14. Nero Vision
15. Nero DiscSpeed
16. Nero DriveSpeed
17. Nero BurnRights
18. Nero RescueAgent
19. Nero InfoTool
20. InCD
21. Nero ControlCenter

System requirements:
The general system requirements shown Nero 9:
For installation it is required DVD-ROM
Windows® XP SP2 or SP3, Windows Vista®, Windows® Vista® SP1, Windows® XP Media Center Edition 2005 SP2
64-bit versions Windows® XP and Windows Vista® 64 are supported in a mode of emulation of the 32-bit version.
Nero InCD it is supported only by the 32-bit version of OS Windows®
Nero DiscCopy Gadget and NeroLive Gadget work only in a mode of 32-bit emulation in the lateral panel in the 64-bit version of OS Windows Vista®. For activation execute following steps.
Windows® Internet Explorer® 6,0 or the following version
1 GHz Intel® Pentium® III or an AMD-equivalent and processor Intelj (2 GHz Intel® Pentium® 4 or AMD an equivalent and processor Intelj for Windows Vista®), 256 MB RAM (512 MB RAM for Windows Vista®)
1,5 ГБ places on a hard disk for typical installation of all components
Writing or rewriting drive for прожига компакт-, DVD-or Blu-ray carriers
DirectX® 9,0c edition 30 (August, 2006) or the following version
Up to 9 ГБ an accessible place on a hard disk for images DVD of a disk and time DVD files
Videocard about a minimum 32 MБ videomemories and minimal разрещающей ability 800 x 600 pixels and 16-bats of installation of color (the 24-bat or a 32-bat is recommended)
Urgently it is recommended to establish last WHQL-certificated drivers of devices.
For online-services Nero: for registration Nero, updating, activation, services Gracenote®, online of copying Nero and other features (such as the exchange of photos) is required connection with the Internet.
Nero recommends broadband connection (DSL-1000 and above or the Internet-connection with equivalent productivity) for all on-line services Nero, such as online reserve copying Nero and video of service Nero. Charges for connection to the Internet are born by the user.

Additional requirements:
16-bit audiodevices and dynamics, compatible with Microsoft® Windows®, (16 bit audiodevices are required for Nero Wave Editor and Nero SoundTrax)
It is recommended to establish last WHQL-certificated drivers of devices
The device of reading/record with the dark blue laser for support Blu-ray Disc* (see special requirements to systems with the dark blue laser)
Up to 50 ГБ free disk space for storage of files of images Blu-ray Disc BD-R/RE dual layer
Optical drive with support of technology SecurDisc for realization of functions SecurDisc.
The OHCI-compatible FireWire-controller (IEEE 1394) for realization of capture DV and HDV
TV-tuner and card of videocapture for capture of video in analog and digital formats

The Special requirements shown by the house center of entertainments:
Nero Show Time:
Optical DVD-drive with an opportunity of reproduction DVD-Video
Graphic card with support оверлея hardware adjustments.
16-bit audiodevices and dynamics, compatible with Microsoft® Windows®
Nero Live and Nero Live Gadget:
TV-tuner or card of videocapture for capture of video in analog or digital formats (DVB®-S, DVB®-S2, DVB®-C, DVB®-T and ATSC ™) should be compatible to the standard of drivers BDA (Broadcast Driver Architecture).
The Note: now DVB-S/S2 works only in systems Windows Vistaj and Windows XP® MCE 2005.
Even one of supported cards of radio videocapture with drivers and the processor not less than 2 GHz (one processor) for support of analog TV if the television payment has no the built in support of hardware coder MPEG2 directly on a payment.
The processor with a speed of 2,4 GHz and more (processors with support of technology HT or two-nuclear are recommended), a fast hard disk with speed of 7200 «?./mines., 2 ГБ the RAM
Rigid 40 Gb (if necessary the greater capacity is recommended to record of radio teleprograms)
16-bit audiodevices and dynamics, compatible with Microsoft® Windows®
Microsoft DotNet Framework 3.0 or later (are established together with Nero 9)

The Special requirements shown to editing and an autoring of video with use Nero Vision:
For record of radio teleprograms, autoring DVD-Video, capture and burn in a mode of real time of 2 GHz and 512 MB of the RAM are required the processor
For capture of video in analog and digital formats: TV-tuner or a card of videocapture.
OHCI-compatible card FireWire® (IEEE 1394) for realization of capture DV
For application of volumetric menus " Smart 3D menus ": the 9.0-compatible graphic card with 3D, 16-bit color and not less 64 MB of videomemory (32 bat, true color is recommended, 128 MB of video of the RAM and support Shader Model 3.0) is required DirectX®
For capture and editing of video in format High Definition: the HD-videocard, controller FireWirej with support of standard OHCI (IEEE 1394) for record in format HDV, the processor with a speed of 2,4 GHz or is faster (processors with support of technology HT or two-nuclear), 1 ГБ the RAM or more

The Special requirements shown LightScribe and Labelflash ™:
LightScribe-compatible writing drive and carriers
Should be established ON for LightScribe on a host
Labelflash ™ a-compatible writing drive and carriers

The Special requirements shown to work with a HR-content in Nero Vision:
Intel Pentium IV 2 GHz or equivalent processor AMD or Intel (faster is recommended)
Drive Blu-ray Disc with function of data recording, audio and video
Not less than 512 MB of the RAM
OS Windows XP SP2 or later, Windows Media Center Edition 2005 SP 2
OS Windows Vista or later
Microsoft © Windows Internet Explorer 6.0 or later version
Microsoft © DirectX 9.0c (10 окт. 2006) or later version

For reproduction of not protected HR-content, for example, AVCHD, in addition are required:
One of following processors::
AMD Athlon 64 FX 2,6 GHz or faster
AMD Athlon 64 FX2 2,2 GHz or faster
AMD Turion 64 X2 2 GHz or faster
Intel Core Duo 2 GHz or faster
Intel Core 2 Duo 1,8 GHz or faster
Intel Pentium Extreme Edition 3,2 GHz or faster
Intel Pentium D 3,4 GHz or faster
It is recommended 1 ГБ the RAM
Graphic card about not less than 256 MB of videomemory on the basis of:
nVidia GeForce 6600GT, 7600GT, 7800GTX512, 7900GS, 7900GT, 7900GX, 7900GTX, 7950GT, 7950GTX, 8500, 8600, 8800, 8400M, 8600M or the subsequent model
ATI X1600, X1650, X1800, X1900, X1950, Radeon HD series or the subsequent model

For reproduction of the protected HR-content (amateur shooting on BD-AV or AVCREC-disks), in addition are required:
For 64-bit systems, OS Windows Vista and later versions are required
Established пивод Blu-ray Disc should support AACS
One of following graphic adjustments
The PCI-Express/built in videocard with the built in display (напр., for ноутбука or the built in computer)
Videocard PCI-Express with support DVI/HDMI and HDCP, the display or the TV with input HDMI or a DVI-input with support HDCP
Videocard PCI-Express with output VGA and the VGA-monitor (some disks can not generating or generating with deterioration of parameters of the sanction on analog displays)
Videocard PCI-Express with componental or a video output and support CGMS-A and Macrovision, the TV or a projector (some disks can not generating or generating with deterioration of parameters of the sanction on analog displays)
Last of graphic drivers with support COPP (are recommended ATI Catalyst 8.1, NVIDIA ForceWare 169.21 (Windows XP), ForceWare 169.25 (Windows Vista) or newer versions)

The Note:
To define, whether supports the display or the TV format HDCP, see the engineering specifications to the given electrodevices
Some variants of sharing of graphic cards, displays and disks can appear unsuccessful; as a result you receive deterioration of reproduction. For reception of optimum results it is recommended to use a card and the display with support HDCP

The Note:
Characteristics Blu-ray can change.

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