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Wave MP3 Editor Pro v2014.2

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Wave MP3 Editor Pro v2014.2

Gửi bàigửi bởi anchang » 23 Tháng 8 2014, 12:47

Wave MP3 Editor Pro v2014.2

Hình ảnh

Wave MP3 Editor PRO is a highly capable audio player and editor, that enables you to obtain professional sounds, apply effects and modify audio parameters on your files. The software comes as a bundle of audio tools for recording, format converting, tag modifying, CD ripping or burning, as well as a DJ mixer.

Professional tools, user-friendly application
With Wave MP3 Editor PRO, you can modify a series of parameters for a certain section of the audio file. You simply need to mark the desired area or areas, then proceed to modifying sample rate, adjust channel feed or applying several audio filters.
You may play the song with the changes you applied, in order to preview the result. You may combine the base track with parts of other recordings, set it to a different tempo, enhance its volume, as well as view it as a digital wave or as a spectrum. Moreover, you can easily edit MP3 tags before or after saving the song as a stand alone file.

Apply audio filters to enhace the sound
The software enables you to add multiple audio effects, such as add gaussian noise, amplify sound, add chorus or echo, adjust compression, delay playback, equalize frequencies, fade, invert, mix the stereo channels, normalize or shift the pitch.
Each effect you select prompts a new adjustment window, that enables you to select the intensity of the chosen parameter. You may set the values, then save the custom configuration, so you can load it later and use it for a different file. Moreover, the software can repair sound imperfections due to recording from a vinyl disc: minimize crackle and hiss, normalize the volume, remove clicks or perform speed decode.

Comprehensive audio tools in a bundle
Wave MP3 Editor PRO comes bundled with multiple audio editing applications, each specialized on a different function. Such, you can burn audio CDs, batch edit audio parameters, apply audio filters, rip CDs, convert audio files from one format to another, record sound, edit MP3 tags, or create DJ playlists. Thus, with Wave MP3 Editor PRO, you can easily modify audio parameters of your songs, improve sound quality or record tracks.

Just some of the reasons for using 'PRO':
Powerful audio recording features (including 'What-U-Hear' recording that requires no special sound card configuration or drivers)
Edit audio files visually Apply various effects and filters easily
Powerful noise reduction and enhancement filters
Easy to use and understand interface - gets you started editing in just minutes
Real-time effect preview - apply it, see it
Easy to use bookmark system/ function
Supports a number of file formats including wav (multiple codecs), mp3, wma, ogg and many more
Easily edit Audio ID Tags
Split large audio files to separate tracks
Use the multi-featured Audio Player to play/ record audio in an equalized or enhanced state
Easily convert text to audio files
You'll get fast, personalized, support directly from the developer
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