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Format Converter 6 Ultimate 6.0.5213

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Format Converter 6 Ultimate 6.0.5213

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Format Converter 6 Ultimate 6.0.5213

Hình ảnh

Format Converter is a straight forward application designed to allow you to convert films and music to almost any format. In addition to the facility for converting video and audio files, Format Converter also offers the chance to extract soundtracks from videos and convert them to current audio formats. For instance, you can create separate audio CDs from your music video DVDs. Format Converter comes with a large number of conversion profiles, ensuring that every file can actually be converted and adapted in the best possible way. Whether you have an HD or Internet video, Format Converter ensures that every file can be played at optimum quality. If any of the profiles does not meet your requirements, you can customize the settings and save them for later use.

Here are some key features of "Format Converter":
· Conversion of audio files, for example music or talking books
· Conversion of video files, for example films or videos
· Modern user interface with step-by-step assistant
· New feature: tips for all devices and target formats
· New feature: transfer of problematic files to our test laboratory
· Supports audio files without loss and HD video
· Video for televisions on CDs and DVDs
· Video on portable devices such as mobile phones, SatNav systems, iPods, PDAs, PSPs
· Video on consoles such as the Playstation 3, Wii and Xbox
· Split films into several sections
· Create individual images from a video in a single click
· New feature: video editing function with start and end points
· Audio files for all devices in AAC, MP3, WMA, Ogg and audio CD formats
· Access to freeDB database
· Flexible fine-tuning of video and audio bit rate, frame rate and volume
· Conversion of DRM protected audio files
· Rip soundtracks from video files
· Predefined profiles for many devices
· New feature: free downloads of new profiles via the Internet
· Burner module included
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