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CyberLink PowerDVD Ultra 13.0.3520

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CyberLink PowerDVD Ultra 13.0.3520

Gửi bàigửi bởi Giọt nước » 28 Tháng 12 2013, 15:12

CyberLink PowerDVD Ultra 13.0.3520

Hình ảnh

CyberLink PowerDVD Ultra 13.0.3520 | 292 MB

What is new in PowerDVD 13

Take video beyond HD

CyberLink TrueTheater® enhancement now delivers advanced edge enhancement, color and lighting enhancement technologies to take Blu-ray and HD digital movies beyond Full HD quality.

* Movies look even better on Full HD displays and higher resolution WQHD (2560x1440) panels.
* New HD video enhancement features work with MKV, MP4 and other popular HD movie formats.

Stunning Quality Subtitles

An all new subtitling engine offers sparkling quality and unprecedented flexibility.

* Edit subtitle size, color, border color and position.
* Display primary and secondary subtitles simultaneously for Blu-ray disc, DVD discs, and MKV / MP4 movies.
* View PGS subtitles in MKV movie files.
* Specify character encoding schema for non-Unicode subtitle files.
* Display subtitles outside of picture in screen letterbox region.
* Load subtitles by drag and drop. Adjust subtitle timing to sync with video.

Fast, Fast, Fast

New architecture and application optimization deliver fastest, most responsive PowerDVD ever.

- Enjoy fastest-ever launch of Blu-ray and DVD movies.
* Option to bypass BD-Live for even faster Blu-ray movie launch - up to 58% faster!
* Instant playback for music, video and photos

All New Movie Library

The new Movie Library unites your movie collection with access to online info and social media sharing to make watching movies more interactive and fun!

* Displays file-based movies with cover art and links to online info about the film.
* See movie summaries and reviews. Add your comments and connect with friends via social media. See movie-related activities from your Facebook friends.
* Explore the new Movie Info tab - your connection to the info on new releases, celebrities and more.

New Formats

Enjoy music, photos in and video in the latest formats.

* Play music in the lossless APE format
* Play video in the AVCHD 2.0 format video, including AVCHD progressive and AVCHD 3D, at data rates up to 28 Mbit/s.

New Ways to Play

Getting playback going in PowerDVD is easier and faster than ever.

* Drag-and-drop Blu-ray or DVD folders to the PowerDVD icon to start playback.
* Drag and drop a folder to the PowerDVD media window to play all media in the folder.
* Start video or photo playback from Windows Explorer to play all the media files in the same folder.

Playback and navigation controls

New controls put just the right playback and navigation options at your fingertips.

* Rotate video during playback
* Auto rotation of photos and video shot in portrait orientation.
* Jump between chapters in MKV movies.
* New A-B Repeat panel makes it easy to choose portions of a video to repeat.
* Volume adjustment changes the application volume independent of the system volume.
* New Play Speed Navigator panel lets you change playback speed instantly.
* Watch at high-quality 0.3x speed for slow motion replay.
* Use arrow keys to skip forward 30 seconds and backward 8 seconds during video playback.
* View scene thumbnails for DVDs and MKV/MP4 movies when you scrub the navigational slider.
* Resume file-based movies from where you last stopped. Resume movies in Classic or Cinema mode no matter the mode in which they were last played.

Interface enhancements

New window controls make PowerDVD easier to use. Customization options let you tailor PowerDVD to your needs.

* Park the mouse on either side of the screen to instantly hide top and bottom panels in full screen mode.
* Drag anywhere on the video screen to reposition the PowerDVD window.
* Toggle interface time display between elapsed and remaining time.
* The current time displays in the caption bar.
* Mouse over to show when playback will complete.
* See current battery level in the caption bar.

New and enhanced playback modes

Take advantage of more ways to play and enjoy your content.

* Cinema mode has been re-designed for touchscreen operation and now supports file playback.
* A new mini music player makes it easy to play music in the background while you are doing other things on your computer.
* A new print feature lets you print pictures individually or in groups when viewing photos.

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