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Avanquest InPixio Photo Focus 3.6.6136 Multilingual

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Avanquest InPixio Photo Focus 3.6.6136 Multilingual

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Avanquest InPixio Photo Focus 3.6.6136 Multilingual

Hình ảnh

InPixio Photo Focus – Make blurry photos sharp and clear. It’s not always possible to prevent blurred photos — especially when taking random photos. InPixio Photo Focus offers the tools to help you create clear, crisp and high-resolution photos.

- Increase the sharpness of your photos
- Sharpen your photos with 1 click
- Enhance the focus of your images
- Creative filters create impressive effects for ultimate focus

Benefits of InPixio Photo Focus:
- Resharpen your photos with the easy-to-use 1-Click sharpness tool
- You can compare the photos before and after you have enhanced them
- Image cropping: the software incorporates six pre-defined formats (format 16:9, 4:3, etc.) or you can define your own
- Image formats supported: Jpeg and TIFF (8-bit or 16-bit), PNG, BMP, GIF and JpegXR
- 1-click focus function for landscapes, architecture, portraits and close-ups (macros)
- Use a range of creative filters to enhance the quality and the focus of your images
- Photo processing: color saturation, brightness, clarity and contrast
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