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Ultimate Boot CD 5.1

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Ultimate Boot CD 5.1

Gửi bàigửi bởi Giọt nước » 14 Tháng 4 2011, 22:14

Ultimate Boot CD 5.1

Hình ảnh

Ultimate Boot CD – bootable CD-ROM containing all the necessary software to fix, restore, or diagnose any computer problem. The program is completely free of charge, is built using the capabilities of Bart’s PE. Ultimate Boot CD has the support of the network, can interoperate with NTFS, allows you to recover deleted files, create new partitions, scan hard drives for viruses, etc.

From 5.0.3 to 5.1a1 (2010SEP26)
- Added Kon-Boot V1.1V1.0
- Added Dsrfix V3.12
- Update ES-Tool to V3.01p. Added historical info about ES-Tool help text.
- Added AleGr MEMTEST V2.00
- Added DIMM_ID V3.57. This is a special UBCD-only contribution.
- Add IBM Disk Manager V9.57.
- Added AVG Rescue {V9.0.100}.
- Updated UBCD FreeDOS to V1.40. Updated AUTOEXEC.BAT and added “-n” to to avoid hanging on certain BIOSes. Removed “MOUSE_NCFG = 0? in etc \ global.set.
- Updated HDAT2 to V4.8.1.
- Updated ASTRA to V5.46.
- Added older version of HDAT2 (V4.5.3).
- Updated ubcd2iso and ubcd2usb to remove “boot.images” subdirectory (created by IZArc) before image creation.
- Added HWiNFO V5.5.0. Thanks to Johannes Hauber for suggesting this.
- Substitute econfig.c32 with whichsys.c32 and removed ubcd \ menus \ isolinux \ main.cfg.
- Update Seagate DiscWizard to V11.0.8326.
- Updated Darik’s Boot and Nuke to 2.2.6beta (rebuilt with isolinux V3.86 to improve compatibility).
- Updated files from syslinux 4.0.2.
- Updated grub4dos to V0.4.5b (2010-09-22) to support syslinux V4.
- Updated Hardware Detection Tool to V0.3.6.1 (from Syslinux 4.02).
- Updated HDClone to V3.9.4.
- Updated NSSI to V0.60.45.
- Updated Offline NT Password & Registry Editor to v100627.
- Updated Parted Magic to V5.5.
- Updated ubcd2iso.cmd to support optional “/ g” parameter to use grub4dos as the bootloader.

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