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Total Commander 7.56a IT Edition 1.4

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Total Commander 7.56a IT Edition 1.4

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Total Commander 7.56a IT Edition 1.4

Hình ảnh

Total Commander 7.56a IT Edition 1.4
| 36.47 Mb

Bork Total Commander IT Edition uses the file manager Total Commander, includes the best plug-ins and additional software for fast and comfortable work. Assembly designed to trifles (starting from selection of plug-ins and ending with the right priorities Lister-plugin).
Advantage over other assemblies:

1. Relatively small size.
2. Inspection, testing and correcting any errors found
3. Constant updates of Thoth, the plug-in to it + set of programs
4. Intuitive installer with many options and tips for them.
5. Necessary, small and handy tool for everyday tasks.
6. The choice of crack during installation (This lits.klyuch or patched totalcmd.exe + crack)
7.Unikalnye buttons to accelerate implementation of common operations.

ChangeLog 1.4 [10.01.11]:

- Fixed the installation of packer plugins Total7zip
- In a plugin Total7zip default is set using the Russian language
- In a plugin CHMDir default is set using the Russian language
- Added a help file for the plugin Total7zip, taken from the archive 7z
- Button to create a directory with the tech. date changed to the "Create hronolog.katalog (hotkey Shift + F7)
- Packer plugin Updated to version Total7zip
- Fixed a bug with displaying icons in Vista/Win7 of icl-file (now the icons are stored in 32-bit dll-file) (thanks AntikillerPM for testing under the Win7)
- Fixed bug ScroolBar'a appearance at the end of the installation.
- You can not apply styles of icons (the standard will be used)
- Changed the icon for the TC Style Icons Vista
- Added ability to cancel the creation of shortcuts in the Start Menu
- On the main toolbar button added to Hide / Show hidden / system files
- Changed some icons on panels
- In the installer added a page with a choice of some basic settings clearance TC
- Page with a choice of style icons of files and disks will only appear if the user selects, by default are installed with default icons (IMHO anything either ...)
- Fixed path to stylers.xml (Notepad + +) (when moving vehicle to another location NPP cursing the inability to download this file)
- On the main toolbar button added to "Create a directory structure and files of zero size in them"
- There is no need to choose 64-bit versions of Ccleaner and Registry WorkShop Installation - 64-bit executable files avtomaticheksi installed along a 32-bit, if you have a x64 system
- Minor improvements

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