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Sharp World Clock 5.89

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Sharp World Clock 5.89

Gửi bàigửi bởi Giọt nước » 04 Tháng 11 2013, 11:42

Sharp World Clock 5.89

Hình ảnh

Do you have friends, relatives or business partners all over the world or in different time zones? Is it important for you to know the exact time in the world • on the other side of the globe or in a different state or time zone of

your own country? Is dealing with different time zones essential for your work as a manager, broker, stock trader or currency trader? Are you disappointed in slow, ad-cluttered online time services and want to try something better and more refined? How would you like a state-of-the-art, fully customizable and elegant little international world time clock program for your Windows desktop? Look no further, you have come to the right place! Sharp World Clock is probably the most sophisticated and beautiful time zone clock program for the Windows desktop, perfectly designed for the demanding private and business user.

• Clocks can be undocked from the main window (and docked again later)
• You never need to update the daylight saving rules again • Windows time zone information are applied
• Clocks can be freely floating • no background any more! Background and clock face transparency can be adjusted separately
• Clocks feature smooth shadows, like in the Vista clock (Windows Vista / 7 only)
• Different clock hands (9 styles included for each hour/minute and second hand)
• User definable presets in the design configuration • edit existing designs and add your own
• Editable, resizable numbers on the analog clock faces (you do not have to use background images anymore if you want numbers)
• Resizable country flags on clock faces
• Newly designed time zone calculator, with intuitive meeting scheduler
• Unlimited alarms with single / count-down / daily / weekly / monthly / annual / periodic alarms
• Separate (optional) date label additionaly to the time label
• Spoken time and read-aloud messages in the alarm center... and more!
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