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iMobie PhoneClean Pro 3.6.2 Build 20150429

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iMobie PhoneClean Pro 3.6.2 Build 20150429

Gửi bàigửi bởi haychichotoi » 05 Tháng 5 2015, 11:41

iMobie PhoneClean Pro 3.6.2 Build 20150429

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People care about privacy. So should you. The new PhoneClean turns your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch into a risk-free handheld device which let you stop worrying about your sensitive data leaks. By thoroughly scanning your devices, PhoneClean finds and lists messages, Internet history, Safari

cookies, calling history, email caches, and all your private content, so that you can choose which of them is supposed to be removed from your device.

Main Features:
- Gives you an all-around and risk-free iOS cleaning and optimization solution
-The only iDevice utility that offers quick and essential privacy caring service
- Integrates over 20 analyzing technologies and eliminates 30+ types of junk
- Boosts up iPhone running speed and the whole performance with just 1 click
- Features 9 versatile iPhone, iPad tuning tools for facilitating your daily life

Deleting messages from an iPhone is already cumbersome enough, but, believe it or not, all these removed data is still retraceable (try to delete a message and search it on iPhone, it's still there). PhoneClean makes it a permanent deletion in 1-click. In fact, with an intuitive and familiar interface, it gives you the choices of wiping all types of your personal data piece by piece or cleaning them up all at once.

Besides, if you used to receive and send email on the go, the iOS will store all your inbox, sent and draft mails of which you even cannot get aware of. PhoneClean takes it seriously by locating and removing these useless data so that no discarded mail box or info would be left behind.

Top Features:

Clean Redundant Junk Files
Finds and removes hidden temp, cookie and cache files generated by inner calculations and data exchanges to free up more storage space on your iPhone, iPad.

Clear Private Data
Completely deletes SMS, iMessage, MMS, as well as the associated pictures, audios and videos; always keeps your private date away from leaking.

Clear Internet History
Thoroughly cleans up all your Internet browsing history; you can flexibly choose to only delete particular ones or simply wipe them all at once.

Remove Webmail Residual Info
Uses the advanced scanning technology to find out your discarded webmail box as well as its attached text and image files.

Clean App Notifications
Cleans up all those useless app crash log and system notifications, which permanently occupy your storage space until PhoneClean cleans them up.

Fix Media Library Errors
A brand new feature that helps you fix the corrupt and partially synced music, video and other media files, and makes them playable again on your device.

Shrink App for JB Device
As app uses a set of images for standard display and Retina display separately, so half of these picture files are duplicated. PhoneClean will shrink your app size by removing all unnecessary files.

1-Stop Boost Up iPhone iPad
Offers an intelligent One-Stop Boost-up option to help you optimize iPhone, iPad and iPod touch performance; makes your old iPhone, iPad run like new.

Flexible Backup & Restore
Creates full backups prior to any cleaning action, so that even you mistakenly deleted some important personal data, you can still get them back by restoring your device to previous backup point.
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