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Norton Internet Security 2014 v21.3.0.12

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Norton Internet Security 2014 v21.3.0.12

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Norton Internet Security 2014 v21.3.0.12

Hình ảnh

Norton Internet Security 2014 - provides a quick and easy protection against online threats. Integrated antivirus and firewall protects your computer, local network, online activities and your personal information, using

innovative technologies to deal with modern aggressive threats. powerful and rapid protection against malware and online threats without slowing down your computer. Improved Norton Protection System with multi-level security technologies that work together to provide comprehensive protection.

New versions of products have an interesting opportunity: a mobile interface, and system Norton Management, which allows to access the product via a browser, which allows a remote scan of your computer without direct user intervention. Also got new software Download Insight, designed to test for malicious hyperlinks visited, as well as downloadable programs for infection in some hacker's code. In addition, Internet Security was able to control the bandwidth of the Internet channel, so the user can give priority to a particular application.

The main components of Norton Internet Security 2014:
• Anti-Spyware
• Anti-spam
• Norton Safe Web
• Phishing
• Norton Reputation Service
• Parental Control
• "Smart" firewall
• Heuristic Protection, SONAR 3
• Pulse updates
• Diagram and network monitoring
• Protection against bots
• Norton Bootable Recovery Tool
• Anti-rootkit
• Norton Identity Safe On-The-Go
• Norton File Insight
• Norton Download Insight
• Norton Protection System
• Norton Safe Web • Norton Identity Safe
• Norton System Insight
• Norton Insight
• Means of vulnerabilities
• Social Media Scanner
• Identity Protection

Protect your computer:
• Blocks online threats without sacrificing performance
• Scan only potentially dangerous files - fewer and faster scan
• Does not absorb the computer memory and other resources
• Provides per-minute updates to protect against the latest threats without slowing down your computer
• Allows the use of e-mail, instant messaging and the Internet without fear of cybercrime
• Blocks viruses, spyware and other threats before they can damage the
• Check your e-mail and instant messaging (IM) on suspicious links, attachments, and attempted fraud
• Prevents malicious software downloads to your computer without your knowledge
• Blocks annoying and potentially dangerous spam
• Watching movies and computer games without interruption

Main features of Norton Internet Security 2014:

• Norton Protection System - provides a powerful 4 unique level of protection to proactively blocking Internet threats before they can infect your computer.

• Insight - checks the source file and the time of their existence on the internet to stop the new online threats before they give you trouble.

• Download Insight 2.0 - protects against dangerous applications, warning before downloading the program, that it may harm your computer system.

• Norton Safe Web - protects you while using the Internet, alerting and blocking dangerous malware and fraudulent Web sites directly in search results.

• Norton Management - Product Management Norton Internet Security 2013, based on a cloud, so that you can download, install, update and extend the anti-virus, in any place where there is Internet access.

• Parental Controls - allows you to monitor activity of children on the Internet using Norton Online Family, so you can protect them from online threats.

• Protection against network threats - detect threats as they appear in the network and eliminates them before they harm your computer.

• Web browser protection - protects, checking and blocking online threats, downloadable web browser to stop Internet threats before they bring to harm.

• Heuristic Protection, SONAR 4 - computer monitoring for suspicious behavior to quickly and accurately identify and eliminate new threats.

• Norton Safe Web to Facebook - scans your news feed on Facebook for malicious downloads, and links to dangerous Web sites and warns you and your friends about these threats.

• Protection from vulnerability - stops intruders attempt to use security holes (vulnerabilities) in applications.

• Norton Identity Safe - securely stores and automatically enter user names and passwords on web sites that criminals are not intercepted this information. Now includes an online version, so you can share logins with other sites on computers that have installed an integrated anti-virus Norton Internet Security 2013.

• Protection against phishing - blocks fraudulent Web sites used by hackers to steal personal data and your money.

• Bandwidth Management - restricts non-critical updates Norton Norton, when you are connected to a 3G network in order to reduce the fee for using the mobile network.

• Pulse updates - updates your protection every 5 -15 minutes - without distracting you - providing the most current protection against the latest threats.
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