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McAfee Content Security Blade Server Sostware v5.5 PATCH 2

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McAfee Content Security Blade Server Sostware v5.5 PATCH 2

Gửi bàigửi bởi Giọt nước » 10 Tháng 9 2010, 09:09

McAfee Content Security Blade Server Sostware v5.5 PATCH 2

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McAfee Content Security Blade Server Sostware v5.5 PATCH 2


McAfee® Content Security Blade Server delivers the functionality large enterprises and service providers need to give employees safe access to Web 2.0 applications and email, while blocking spam and controlling security. The addition of McAfee Web Gateway software, the
1 anti-malware solution, brings a new level of protection, performance, and manageability to this highly scalable platform.
* Secure your network
Take advantage of the industrys best anti-malware protection to proactively filter out objectionable content from web traffic in real-time
o Enhanced real-time behavioral detection of Web 2.0 malicious mobile code
o Advanced zero-day and targeted attack exploit detection without a signature, regardless of media or content type
o True context-based threat detection
* Regain control
Consistently block 99 percent of spam, thanks to a powerful combination of detection technologies and streaming updates.
* Gain instant insight
Monitor overall system status easily with convenient, at-a-glance system dashboard and status indicators
* Gain complete security and extensibility on demand
Turn on different features when you need them:
o Email: Anti-spam; virus removal, anti-phishing, and content filtering
o Web: URL filtering; anti-malware, anti-virus, anti-spyware, ssl scanning, and content inspection
* Go green and reduce costs
Use up to 40 percent less power and 40 percent less space when compared to equivalent 1U rack-mounted servers

* Unmatched security
Take protection to a new level with advanced zero-day and targeted attack exploit detection , detect Web 2.0 malicious mobile code in real-time; stop spyware, inappropriate web content, phishing, viruses, worms, trojans, spam and other malware threats, both known and unknown, from entering the network
* Scalability and performance
Need more performance? Just add blades. McAfee Content Security Blade Server instantly recognizes and configures new blades and adds them to the pool of shared resources. Theres no need to rearchitect your network or worry about balancing the load, the system does it all for you
* Flexibility
Protect either your e-mail or web infrastructure separately or take full advantage of the systems flexibility and cover both with a single system. Features and capacity can be easily added with no need for planned downtime
* Operational efficiency
Simplify complex, multi-appliance or server deployments and ongoing maintenance with a single enclosure



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