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NuSphere PhpED Professional 9.0 Build 9051

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NuSphere PhpED Professional 9.0 Build 9051

Gửi bàigửi bởi Nửa bốn mùa » 03 Tháng 6 2013, 10:50

NuSphere PhpED Professional 9.0 Build 9051

Hình ảnh

NuSphere PhpEd - professional IDE process is designed primarily to create applications using databases and PHP, HTML, XML, CSS. Robust code editor, an excellent illumination system code in languages PHP, XML, XHTML, HTML,

CSS and javascript, powerful PHP debugger, profiler and publisher - all in one.
The program also includes an integrated database of clients and CVS, services SOAP, HTML validator and Code formatter tools, support for working with Smarty, editor of Unicode, SFTP support for secure downloads and uploads, Telnet, SSH terminal for remote administration, support for the functionality of MySQL, Oracle, MSSQL SQLite, Interbase, support for analysis of errors, a graphical user interface is fully customizable, PHP code analyzer and much more!

Balanced combination of advanced code editor, reliable program debugging, productive client connection to the database makes PhpED a perfect application for the most experienced developer.
In an effort to go navctrechu growing needs of users, NuSphere PhpED reinforced those functions which they lacked.

With PhpED you can:
Post. Writing code with PhpED IDE is becoming much easier with the advent of new features in version. With the new possibility of providing the information you will be easier to navigate in the code, and it will save your working time.

Identify errors. Powerful PHP Debugger - one of the strengths of PhpED. You can check your code for errors on-site or remotely with dbg - the best debugging programs on the market, introduced in PHP IDE.

Assess. PHP Profiler from NuSphere will help you find and eliminate critical parameters in the code.

Safe, fast and flexible publishing of your PHP scripts on a remote server from the PHP IDE. Supports FTP, SFTP and WebDAV.

Implement. New elongating scope allows you to combine PhpED with additional tools: php-encoder, means formatting or html-validator. Configuration PhpED already includes php-Documenter, html tidy, cvs client and html validator.

NuSphere PhpEd is today's top integrated development environment for php. Suitable both for small individual works and large multi-developer projects, PhpED considerably boost up the development process. PhpED is a robust tool featuring full-cycle functionality for developing web-sites and web-applications. Balanced combination of advanced code editor, reliable dbg debugger, productive database connectivity client and fast and secure deployment abilities make PhpED a complete solution for most sophisticated developer needs. As in any complicated process, in php development a great deal of effectiveness depends on your choice of production tools. According to our customers, PhpED can save up to 75% of their development time.

With PhpED you can:

Code creation with our PHP IDE got a lot easier with the new PhpED editing features. With PhpED's new highlighting abilities you can now navigate through your code easily and save the precious developing time.
PHP Code Folding sets NuSphere PHP IDE apart from all others.

Powerful PHP Debugger is one of the strongest PhpED features. Debug your code locally or remotely with dbg - the best debugger on the market integrated in the fastest PHP IDE.
See the flash demo of remote debugging with NuSphere Internet Explorer ® Toolbar. Flash Demo
Setup remote debugging in PhpED with the help of DBG Wizard

Introduced by NuSphere, PHP Profiler helps you find and eliminate all the bottlenecks in the code.

Secure, fast and flexible publishing of your PHP scripts to a remote server right from PHP IDE. FTP, SFTP and WebDAV are supported.

New extensibility scope allows to integrate PhpED with 3rd party tools like php encoders, formatters or html validators. Pre-configured tools already include php documentor, html tidy, cvs client and html validator.

Striving to meet the growing customer needs, NuSphere enhanced PhpED with features customers ACTUALLY ASKED FOR.
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