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LMSOFT Web Creator Pro Multilingual

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LMSOFT Web Creator Pro Multilingual

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LMSOFT Web Creator Pro Multilingual

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Web Creator Pro - this is the only tool the authorization, which will give you impressive graphic effects without any programming and without the need for plugins. Get access to impressive graphic creativity without sacrificing ease of use and efficiency, thanks to intuitive interface and built-in service programs.

Anyone can create pages rich in interactivity with its function of sensitivity to events / actions.
Among the functions tab page allows you to easily manage pages, while the elements tab offers a unique and powerful system schematic. Lattice property allows you to set parameters of the selected items, and view the results directly (no dialog). 6 version includes a library of templates to choose from, and setting the mark for the color of your subject, image or logo with a service program sample. Easily add visual effects with built-in tools: frames, partial transparency, bright spots, shadows and more.

Get results that will be envied graphic designers using generators menus and buttons:

-Set the transparency, overlay, etc.
Create field-controlled forms and passwords to gather information and interact with your visitors.
-Insert the flash animation, insert and edit the HTML and javascript.
-Includes a fully revised help and guidance.
-Get professional results with just a few steps.
-Choose a template from the library of thousands of Web sites and pages with themes including: industry, commerce and services sectors.
-Group the items on the same level of service with a unique program blending layers to move or interact with multiple elements with one command.
-Insert the elements: images, logos, animations.
-Customize your templates to produce a color to match your logo or any image with the color sample service program.
-Add your visual effects (transparency, drop shadows, frames, and more) directly from the graphics library.
-You go to the Internet: a simple integrated module of weight transfer and analysis pages, one click publish and upload finished pages / Web sites.

Creating a website now easy as 1-2-3! Web Creator 6 Pro is a powerful website building software tool to create your online presence in a flash! Build a website with no prior design or programming knowledge.

Focus on the contents: let your creativity and style shine through, all the coding is done for you automatically.Supported by a unique technology, Web Creator is a complete website software solution featuring efficient editing tools. No two websites built with Web Creator are the same, build your website using the structure you desire. Choose from a wide variety of templates, partial transparency and 3D effects, simple drag and drop, text editing, a pull-down menu generator.A good website design supports and enhances it's content. Web Creator provides exceptional Vista style effects such as drop shadows, frames and buttons, as well as a large library of graphic elements.

- WYSIWYG: Fully visual editor with instant preview.
- Docking menus and toolbars.
- Drag & drop and copy-paste: easily insert all kinds of elements.
- Unlimited Undo: Goes back step by step to the status of the page when last saved.
- Rapid access toolbar to library elements and to "My elements".
- Multiple document interface (MDI): open many projects and copy elements between them.
- javascript and HTML: import and edit code.
- Hyperlinks: to another page, site, file, email or anchor.
- Alignment tools and snapping grid: to ease precise alignment of elements.
- Text editor: in place editing. All world languages ??supported. Import RTF formatted text, excel tables and graphs.
- Layers: Elements can be placed above each other and precisely positionned. No complex frames with unpredictable layout results.
- Groups: Makes it easy to apply actions to many elements at once.
- Property grid: instantly view properties changes. Change properties of many elements at once.
- Page management: Go to, duplicate, rename, delete.

Multimedia elements
- Photo gallery: toggle mosaic and slide show modes.
- Image tool: crop, resize.
- Sound: MP3, WAV, WMA, MID, RMI.
- Animation / Video: AVI, FLC, MPEG, MOV, QT.
- Create animations from list of images: any format, any size.

Animation effects
- 15 transition effects: fade, wipe, door, curtain, circular, etc.
- Appearance and disappearance delays.
- Rollovers, show, hide.
- Element interactions without programming: complete a plain english sentence. Only valid choices are presented; hence, no risk of errors.

Web tools
- Right click interdiction.
- Web objects: Import and position external code: Paypal, gold books, etc.
- Insert counters
- Forms
- Page password protection.
- Page weight: Global and by element.
- SiteMap generator: The new search engine standard by Yahoo, Google and MSN will give optimum visibility to your site.

- Blog with calendar: Integrated simple blog tool with Web Creator visual and multimedia power.
- RSS feed: Advises you visitors of changes in your blog or site.
- Stand alone RSS / Podcast: with this RSS-XML editor it is even possible to create podcasts without an associated web site.

- New Vista style templates: 24 Families - Totally customizable. Infinite possibilities to suit all needs.
- New library of elements: floating boxes, banners, backgrounds, flash, sounds, videos to enhance your site.
- Version 3 templates and elements library converted to version 4.
- Customizable color palettes for templates: Sample your logo or company color with the color picker and your entire site will be instantly matched to your colors.
- Library elements with partial transparency and shadows: will bind themselves automatically to the template palette for professional quality graphic results.
- Complete multiple page models: with menus, forms, etc.

Buttons and menus
- Integrated button generator: thousands of combinations of size, shape, texture, shadow, 3D, transparency, icons, labels etc. Buttons are also mapped on the page or project color palette.
- Integrated pull-down menu generator: text or image based menus, vertical or horizontal. Multiple menus possible. A change is automatically applied to all pages using the menu.

- Host your site anywhere.
- Optimization: Image conversion and resizing. Removal of unused files.
- FTP transfer utility included.
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