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AIO Colection OEM Laptop (52 OEM Brands)+SATA+Automatic Setu

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AIO Colection OEM Laptop (52 OEM Brands)+SATA+Automatic Setu

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AIO Colection OEM Laptop (52 OEM Brands)+SATA+Automatic Setup Driver

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AIO Colection OEM Laptop (52 OEM Brands)+SATA+Automatic Setup Driver | 1.93 GB

This Windows XP Pro SP3 install DVD is a multi OEM preactivation disk that works with almost all major OEM systems. One notable exception is HP. For some reason, the disk will not preactivate an HP system. I created this disk myself from an untouched OEM disk using RyanVM Integrator, Nlite, Driver Pack Finisher and a few other apps. This is the culmination of months of research and experimentation. This includes Windows Media Player 11, Internet Explorer 7 and Windows updates through 6- 2010. Drivers are automatically installed. The following programs are also installed automatically: Firefox, DVDShrink, IMGburn, Revo Uninstaller, Utorrent, Foxit Reader, Unlocker and XP Vista Pack. I didn't mess with the appearance at all. The only things messed with are the following:

Folder view is set to details, Files are set to not hide extentions. There might be a few other things along the same lines that have been changed, but nothing that can't easily be changed back post install. Oh, except for the things that are left out entirely, like support for tablet PC and a bunch of other stuff I just didn't need at all. There may also be some services that are included and usually turned on by default that will be turned off. Run services.msc to check it out. Any other questions, please ask. Enjoy! Please SEED!

This will certainly install on ANY system, but if you built your own system, you will need to provide your own license key or use an activation crack, or else after 30 days you will be locked out. BURN THE ISO AT 4X SPEED! If your PC is a Dell, Sony, Gateway
, etc. on the OEM list in the description of this torrent, Windows
will activate during installation and never ask you for a product key, and it will not only pass WGA, it will actually be genuine. This is not a crack or generated key being used. The keys used are genuine SLP keys for the OEM activation of these systems. The manufacturers use the same keys.

Here is the OEM list. Remember that HP failed to activate in my test. I was not able to test every OEM. Dell, Gateway, Emachine and Sony were successfully tested.

[Dell System]
[Dell Computer]
[Dell Inc]
[Dell Quanta]
[NEC Computers]
[Sony Corporation]
[LG Electronics]
; For Any OEM SystemBuilder single-license systems
And more............

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