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HDD Temperature v.4.0.24 (Portable)

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HDD Temperature v.4.0.24 (Portable)

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HDD Temperature v.4.0.24 (Portable)

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Every day you turn off your computer and go home thinking that your data are safe and secure on your computer, on your hard disk. But do you know that even a hard disk can break down? And it means that all the data you store there will be lost!
HDD Temperature sample screenshot

The problem of cooling the computer is not new. The more powerful and faster computers become, the "hotter" they get. The modern Intel Core processor radiates more than 70W of heat!!! Other hardware is not far behind. Coolers on video cards, additional coolers inside computer cases and power supply units are quite common nowadays.
And only hard disks have no additional means to cool them off while they are constantly surrounded by heat-radiating hardware. When the temperature of a hard disk rises by 10 its reliability becomes TWO TIMES LESS! According to manufactures1, the normal recommended working temperature of a hard disk is Once it rises by just from the safety of its work becomes more than two times less!

That is why in the first place hard disk temperature monitoring is a way to prevent the loss of data.

To solve this problem, we created this solution named HDD Temperature (Hard Disk Drive Temperature). This software is used to control the temperature of hard disks and prevent failures in their work due to overheating.

It stays invisible.
Hard Drive Temperature works invisibly in the background mode and bothers you only when there is an actual threat to your data and warns you about a dangerous overheating of your hard disk.

Critical data saving.
Even if you are not around when the critical temperature of your hard disk has been exceeded, Hard Drive Temperature will take care and save all your data! It will switch the system into the standby mode and turn off the computer giving the hard disk time to cool off and preventing it from breaking down. All your data, including unsaved Word and Excel documents, will be saved and restored after you turn on your computer!

...and many more new features in HDD Temperature 4! Read what's new!
Temperature Revamped
The 4th generation of HDD Temperature has been re-designed and re-coded from the scratch for faster performance and smaller footprint than ever before.

Brand-New User Interface
The new interface of HDD Temperature is geared towards users. It's simpler to use and easier to understand. All information about your hard drive is laid out conveniently by the drive letter.

Detailed Report on Your Hard Drives
All you ever wanted to know about your hard disks is fully disclosed by HDD Temperature 4. Learn about who manufactured your disk and when, the exact model number and the number of hours the disk has been used. Oh, and it monitors and reports the disks' temperatures, too!

Supports All Kinds of Disks
New-generation HDD Temperature supports all types of hard drives in a single tool, including IDE, Serial ATA, SCSI, and even USB.

Basic Disk Health Control
Prevent data loss due to hard disk failures! The updated HDD Temperature now reports basic information about the health of your hard disks, thus increasing data safety and storage reliability of your entire system. Detailed disk health reports are available with HDDlife, a dedicated disk health monitor.

Technical Information
HDD Temperature 4 is easily usable even in limited user ***s, and does not require administrative privileges to run. It does not trigger Vista's UAC prompts, too!

The disk temperature monitor can be used in non-interactive mode by network administrators. All communications such as email notifications and turning off workstations are performed from within a system service, and do not require user interaction or logged-in users.
Supports USB hard drives monitoring Work with Windows Vista, don't require administrative privilegies to run. SCSI hard drive monitoring supported

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